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Facilitation by BURNYouth:
Any person in the education field will agree that there are many different ways to teach a lesson. There is textbook reading (visual or spatial), lectures and discussions (auditory); there is note taking (regurgitation, repetition) and Kinetics (). Though the BURNYouth approach tries to utilize all types of learning in its facilitation, BURNYouth also emphasizes two strong elements: The Personal Approach and Emotional Emphasis.
The Personal Approach:  This is based on the idea that everyone has a personal story. Within an individual’s story, one can extract teachings and virtues that could serve as a basis for exploring various subjects, for example, the addiction who suffered from or the ex-gang member who teaches on the effects of gang mentality. The influence of the personal story is extremely powerful and often overlooked in facilitated groups. This approach is not only relevant to the facilitator’s experiences, but also with the communal knowledge on a given subject. For instance, when talking about poor self-esteem, each member of the group is capable of relating an experience where his/her self esteem was affected negatively.
*Please note: the BURNYouth facilitators have a combined background in facilitation and group dynamics of over 45 years. These techniques of facilitation should not be attempted by just anyone for fear of triggering clients or re-introducing wounds too quickly without the ability to mediate the outcomes.*

Emotional Emphasis:   Many Train the Trainer workshops and facilitators will state that as a presenter, one should never express emotion in front of a group, the reason being that it shows weakness in the facilitator and it may trigger members of the group emotionally. BURNYouth agrees with those two statements. However, BURNYouth also believes in a contrasting truth, that it is in the weakness, and in the group’s ability to empathize with the facilitator, that makes for a more powerful learning experience. Furthermore, group sharing, sharing circles meditation will also elicit and are frequently used and encouraged within BURNYouth's facilitation process.   

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